Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ft. Lauderdale 2009 Boat Show

The excitement is growing for the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The 50th Anniversary edition of the world’s largest boat show is just around the corner. This year’s show will take place October 29-November 2, 2009 at six locations in the Yachting Capital of the World – Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The show will feature more than 3 billion dollars worth of boats, yachts, super yachts, electronics, engines and thousands of boating accessories from every major marine manufacturer and boat builder worldwide.

The Boat Show encompasses more than 3million square feet of space, both on land and in water, and is all connected by the Show’s Transportation Network of water taxis, riverboats and bus shuttles. See the different areas of this website and see what companies are exhibiting, what vessels will be on display, parking information, travel information and much more to make your boat show experience the best it can be.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


If you love boating, you should get this free 3G application that works great on iPhone. It is very simple to use. The 'TideApp' loads at launch to your desired location. The Apps has evolved to be a very valuable utility which featured tide charts conditions and current weather forecasts data prediction, with daily highs tides and lows. It also features Port Directories, GPS Integration.

Check it out.......

Friday, May 8, 2009


I’m sad to say that I haven’t been maintaining this site as much as I would like to.

My focus lately has shifted to “Power Yachts”, "Yacht Charters" , "Sail Boats", "International Brokerage", and sadly my blog was left sitting here idle.

I’d like to announce new updates, and whatnot will be posted here SOON.

I truly want my readers to know that I do value their interest. Please check to see the next blog installments.....

Saturday, November 29, 2008



All the boat professionals, seafarers, sea and water lovers will be meeting at the "Nautic-Salon Nautique de Paris." This show and event covers everything there may possibly exist in the world of navigation and offers a wide selection of innovations amongst sailing boats, motor boats and other kinds of vessels and equipment. At the Nautic you may also discover new and exciting destinations, or better understand the importance of our environment, this is also the best time for children and the younger public to find out what the nautical world is all about.

The show is expecting more than 270,000 visitors and will host up to 1,200 exhibitors and 1400 different trade names, here you may take advantage of professional help and useful suggestions. Special theme circuits will also be proposed to guide visitors towards their favorite interest points, be it sailing boats, motor boats, the environment, equipment, and more. New and more specific sections will be proposed this year as well as numerous entertainment areas.

Throughout the 150 000m2 of exhibition room, the show room will be divided into three distinct sections; sailing and tourism (hall 1), motorboats (halls 2.2, 3, 5 and 6), equipment (hall 2.1). On show during the "Nautic" you will be able to admire more than 600 motorboats, 500 sailing boats and 300 other different types of vessels, such as kayaks, canoes and windsurfing equipment.

Many changes are envisioned in the world of boating, such as the preservation of the oceans, the rivers, these concerns have become yearly more and more important and now the world of boating is becoming more sensitive to these important issues.

Paris Expo
Porte de Versailles

For more information contact:
Salon Nautique de Paris
33 1 47 56 64 79

Friday, November 28, 2008



Start Date: Thu, December 4 2008
End Date: Sun, December 7 2008
Event Time: Noon-6 pm, 10 am-7 pm, 10 am-5 pm

The St. Petersburg Boat Show is the Gulf Coast's largest show. In all, more than 600 boats will be on show, on land and in water, including power boats, yachts, and fishing boats of all types and sizes. On display you will also find electronics, engines, and a vast selection of marine accessories. The exhibitors at the show will be presenting options such as advanced water treatment systems, boats - work boats, canoes, row boats, deck fittings, diving products and accessories, fishing products, luxury yachts, speed, power and pleasure boats, Marine accessories, boat and yacht insurance, boat charters, yacht design/construction, boat chandlers, boat exhibition companies and boat show organizers, repair yards, cruise holiday operators and aqua tourism service providers, sailing, boating and water sports clubs.

A special event comes with the Kids' Fishing Clinics, presented by "Hook the Future," opened to all kids ages 4-16 and features marine life experts teaching kids basic fishing techniques. Upon completion of all learning stations, participating kids receive a free rod, reel, and tackle kit.

In addition, on Saturday, December 6 at 7:00 pm, LATITUDES and ATTITUDES will also be presenting a special cruising party, where thousands of cruisers celebrate the cruising lifestyle at the Ninth Annual St. Pete Cruisers' Party. The pizza and drinks are free, with music from the Eric Stone Band, the number one rated group on Seafaring Radio, live and in concert direct from St. Thomas.

Bayfront Center Yacht Basin
400 First Street South

For more information contact:
St. Petersburg Boat Show and Strictly Sail
(954) 764-7642

Thursday, November 27, 2008


It’s thanksgiving...... the perfect occasion to spend time with your friends, family and cherished old memories and looking forward to new ones. Cluck cluck! Gobble gobble! Hey, it sounds like turkey!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I visited Rybovich boat yard last week with Captain and also a Yacht broker, John Clayman of Seaton Yacht Rhode Island.

The Rybovich family had bought the property in 1911 and then they started the boatyard. Pops Rybovich came from the old county; in Czechoslovakia and his wife was from Yugoslavia. They got married in the United States and had a family with five kids. They started the business with their own work and efforts and not enough money to amount to anything.

They started fishing to feed the family. They would go out in the rowboat and catch fish to eat and feed the family for quite a while and sold some of them. That’s how they started; with little boats. They were building small, small wooden boats. Pop Rybovich knew a lot about lumber because that was kind of his thing in the old country, he knew trees and he knew the quality of wood. They had the finest wood and that was one of the things their boats were known for.

The three Rybovich boys, John, Tom and Emil were involved in the boatyard and the daughters did whatever they could to help their mother around the house. They kept growing and growing because they were good, honest honorable people. The boats got bigger and bigger and bigger, they did it right and they sold more boats because more people were moving down here in Florida

John was the boss; of course Pops Rybovich was the boss until he died. Emil was the mechanic and Tommy was the one who built the boats. He helped John on the building of the boats and the design. He was a perfectionist. They had a wonderful team. They all worked beautifully together as a full picture. They were very careful and caring about what they did.

During the war, John Rybovich was still here in Florida most of the time. Tommy was in the Air Corp as a pilot. Then, John got drafted and he went into the Army and went into where they were building the little boats, the landing craft, it was called. He was transferred up to Cincinnati and lived there well over a year, not quite two and then he was transferred to San Francisco and they were building more boats. He loved San Francisco and if they would have had a small boatyard we’d have stayed out there.

Rybovich boats are known for innovative designs and it changes the whole boating industries. It was after the war and the boys came back and they started getting interested and really going at it making plans and on how the designs should be made. People were lining up for them. Impressive names like Maytag. Some tried to buy their way up the list but they would not allow it.

The Rybovich family rebuilds its family business at the current Rybovich site inWest Palm Beach, Florida.after experiencing a devastating hurricane during 1928. During that time, the commercial fishing and boat repair business was run by Rybovich and brothers.

The Rybovich family boatyard reputation grows in 1934: and legendary big game fisherman Ernest Hemingway brings Pilar, his literary legend 35 foot Wheeler, to the Rybovich brothers boatyard for repairs.

"Pop" Rybovich dies in 1970 and the three sons continue the boat building legacy but in 1976: The aging Rybovich brothers sell the company to Robert Fisher but the company continues building and repairing boats during this period of transition.

After ten years Robert Fisher sells the company to Harvey Wilson in 1986 and five years later in 1991 the Bronstien family which is the owners of Spencer Boat boatyard company purchases Rybovich from Harvey Wilson with the vision of continuing Rybovich's boatbuilding operations while greatly expanding its service and marina capacity. Then, the Mega yachts from around the world are soon coming to Rybovich for repairs.

Led by Jim Bronstien, Rybovich continues its service facility expansions by commissioning the country's largest Marine Travelift of its time, a 300 ton capacity machine in 1998.

Florida businessman H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr. purchased the company in 2004 and brings the Bronstien expansion plans to the new levels by initiating a company wide revitalization program. The program includes plans for a new state of the art service facility, reinvention of the Rybovich sportfish and an expanded rebuilt marina.

One year later in 2005, Rybovich renovates its service facilities, reconfigures its marina, and Michael Rybovich joins the boatbuilding division naming it Rybovich and Sons Boat Works.

Til today.... Pops Rybovich family legend continues..........